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Introducing Advantage:

Skincare Systems has been setting the standard in LED Light Therapy for over 12 years with over 3,000 locations and millions of treatments.

Revitalight offers the next generation in LED Light Therapy with the introduction of the Advantage, designed specifically to be the only full face panel with focused LED light.

-Proven Technology
-Treatment Time (10 minutes)
-Proven Results
-Millions of Revitalight treatments
-Proudly made here in America

Effective Photo Power:

-208 cm2 application area.
-22mW/cm2 peak output (Red-IR mode).
-13.2 joules/cm2 per 10 minute session (Red-IR mode).

-12mW/cm2 peak output (420nm Blue mode).
-7.2 joules/cm2 peak per 10 minute session.




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