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Introducing Footspa:

Most feet are entrapped in shoes for 12-16 hours a day. Your feet have the stress of supporting all your weight. It's for this reason and others that Revitalight introduced the FootSpa

The Next Generation in Foot Care is Here Today

Make the Footspa the New Profit Center for your Business

The Footspa session takes only 10 minutes and spas are charging $10 to $40 per session ($1 to $4 per minute). Once FootSpa begins, there is no need for a skincare technician, therefore your spa/clinic reduces its costs of providing this one of a kind foot care service.

Pamper your Clients' / Patients' Feet Like Never Before
  • Short Treatment Time: 10 minutes
  • Multiple Frequences: Variable Pulsation Intervals
  • High Power: The power of 334 LEDs (64 IR + 8 Focused Lambertian)
  • Cosmetically Optimal Wavelengths: 590nm, 625nm and 940nm
  • Affordable: Can pay for itself in just a few short weeks
  • Intense Light: Only FootSpa uses Intense LED Photopulsation for feet.
  • Sanitary: Clients' / patients' feet rest on a disposable paper insert






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