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  Diane, Denton TX says:
These treatments are miraculous!!! I have suffered with Rosacea for over 10 years and the treatments I was getting from the local dematologist just never helped at all. I just hated how my face was so bright red all the time, and really hate wearing foundation. Recently I was so broken out with the acne that can go along with the Rosacea, that I stopped into the Merle Norman in my area, and was told about this procedure. I made appointments starting the next week and have been overjoyed. From the 1st treatment I noticed a huge reduction in the redness. I have gone through 6 treatments and am going on maintenance program now...I am so glad someone recommended this procedure. I am very pleased with the results.
  Kathleen of Reflections, Oviedo, FL says:
“My client was very red from exfoliating and Retin- A. Her skin was very bumpy. After 1 treatment, the next day her skin was as smooth and soft as a baby's behind.”
  Mark Lees, Ph.D., M.S., CIDESCO Diplomat says:
“I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with our new Revitalight®! Even though we have only had the equipment a short time, we are already seeing results! As you know, we have been using LED in our practice for several years; and we are extremely impressed with the obvious differences that we are already seeing with the Revitalight® System. We saw the difference in machines after one treatment. Thank you, for your help and persistence in getting me to try your machine!”
  Dr. Kenneth Mark, East Hampton, NY says:
“I am proud to be one of the nation's pioneers of Revitalight® LED. It is one of the best technologies I have ever purchased for my practice in the Hamptons. My aesthetician is truly an expert with it, having literally treated hundreds of patients, in thousands of sessions, over the past 2 and a half plus years. The results have been extremely reproducible, in particular with regards to fine lines, scar improvement, and the tightening effect that patients feel on their skin. Amongst my East Hampton Revitalight® clients, the patient satisfaction has been extremely high!”
  Veronica Taylor, Medical Aesthetician, South Hampton, NY says:
Some results were just miraculous. I've seen patches of broken capillaries disappear over six weeks time. I am doing 5-8 treatments a day. It has become the practice I use in treating my patients.
  Angela of Angela's Professional Skincare, Naples, FL says:
My Clients are thrilled. I love my machine - it is the best investment I ever made.
  Elizabeth Waters, 14, client of Cara Linda- Pretty Faces & More, Summerville, SC says:
“For about 2 years I have had really bad acne on my upper & middle back. I went to go see Cara Linda, and saw that she had a new LED machine that makes your acne disappear. I started using a special wash on my back, and began the treatment. She puts the light on different spots on my back, no pain at all. The redness started reducing and the hyper pigmentation was fading. For the longest time I wouldn’t show my back for anything. My friends and family noticed a huge difference in my back and self-confidence. Since I have completed the treatment series all that is on my back is scars which are fading. I think that this treatment was the greatest thing for any type of acne.”
  Sandra, Ft. Worth, TX says:
I had a scar above my eye and it disappeared in 3 treatments. Another scar on my neck was raised a bit and now is 65% back to normal flesh again.
  Kathleen Coburn, Richardson, TX says:
I couldn't live without it, I couldn't. A friend of mine got hit in the eye with her son's toy and her eye was black and blue when she came to see me. The next day it was totally healed. I’m also getting tremendous capillary changes.
  Aesthetician, Shelley Hancock of Vibrant Healthy Image Skin Rejuvenation, CA says:
I have been using your Revitalight® machine for 4 years now and my clients are experiencing fabulous results. I have seen wonderful improvements with everything from pigmentation to elasticity. I now include Light Therapy with each treatment I do.
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